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Hi we are James and Elias

Welcome to the Brougham

Like you we were born into and raised with Holden.

Every Australian deserves to experience the the drive, innovation and unique experience of chauffeur service with the Holden Brougham.


Broughams were created in history as a form of transport. From aircraft, to a horse drawn carriage and to luxury vehicle with their own personalised chauffeur.


Through the Holden Brougham, born in Australia in the late 60's, we share with you the evolution of the brougham as a luxury form of transport of almost 50 years ago, the honor of our father, australian families and Holden's vision of Australia's first luxury car.

The vision for the Holden Brougham


Australias timeless classic shaped vehicle. Experience the drive and innovation 50 years on


The Holden Brougham represents one of australia's best hire car and

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